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A wordist is someone who believes that words have absolute meaning. This is another term for word fundamentalism. When people love certain words, the sound of the word, or the imagined meaning, they are often willing to kill or die for the belief in that word or idea it represents to them. Words all define each other, around in an endless circle, and no word has any absolute meaning. Wordists fail to realize this and should read the undictionary to help get the world out of the present fundamentalist wars.
"Eddy" was such a wordist that he believed in being proud to serve the country he loved. He went to war to kill people, (or get killed himself), who were also wordists in the country that they loved. They both absolutely believed in many words and concepts as if these words were actual things that had meaning, instead of words, just being hints to really communicate and get us where we need to go.
by fred ressler October 09, 2006
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