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A single word, sentence, expression or any other piece of text expressed in a graphical way as an illustration/digital art; a typography with a deeper meaning. It usually contains political, religious or philosophical themes; can be provocative and often cuss words and profanities are used. The term originated in the early 2009 as a part of
Also used as 'wordbonerism', especially when referring to text containing more than one word.
This wordboner is a great piece of typographical art.

That wordbonerism is the story of my life.
by Kathyn Katie April 17, 2009
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When playing Scrabble, or a phone version of the game like Words with Friends, Wordfeud, etc. When you a.) use all your letters for the bonus or b.)use a combo or double and triple word scores for a high point total in one round or c.) when a friend tries to look smart and uses big words in an attempt to sound smarter.
a and b.) I just played QUIZ for a 60 point word boner!

c.) Tony- "Yo yo ma, can I exasperate you for one second?"

Matt- "Woah... Word boner alert"
by Spngr98 December 26, 2010
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When you read something and get turned on by the description of the event or person
Joe: yo, did you read chapter six last night?
Will: nah, im so fucked in class
Joe: who cares? you missed a crazy word boner
Will: OH SHIT i should go read it now!
by the beached whale May 12, 2014
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1. A person who has a creepy fetish for words

2. Someone who gets horny while reading

3. Someone who can get a boner from listening to certain men with deep, sexy voices.
1. I'm such a Word Boner that reading Harry Potter gives me an orgasm!

2. "Dude, that kid there has been reading his math text book for over an hour. Think he's a Word Boner?" "Undoubtedly bro!"

3. Morgan Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alan Rickman, all these guys give me Word Boners!
by The Inedible Llam January 09, 2014
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