"Word" as used in WTYM and similar expressions relates back to a declaration of Truth or Truthfulness. It may be derived / appropriated from standard English as a shortening of "I give my word (of honor)". Word To Your Mother is an emphasizing phrase, meaning that my words are true and I would swear it to your/my mother, or a reply emphasizing that your words are true and I agree with you. Overall a derivation or corruption of Word To The Mother, popularized in Vanilla Ice's rap to "Ice, Ice Baby".
You got that right! Word To Your Mother!
by PaulT1 June 12, 2007
If you hear the phrase, "Word to your mother," it typically means you should leave the area immediately because you are very close to a coloured/black person.

It can also mean that you are very close to a whigger or a similar type animal that is trying to identify with a coloured/black person.

Be aware that some Asian's and Hispanic's (legally, Hispanic not white) people have learned that if they establish some primitive rapport with coloureds, they may reduce their chances of personal injury inflicted by said coloured, or incurring damage to their personal property caused by the primitives.
"Mommy, that man told me, "Word to your mother." What does that mean?

"Just get in the car honey. We shouldn't be here."
by blondesareeasy November 14, 2012
1. "You can tell that to your mother and she'll agree."

2. In a pejorative or negative sense, "Go tell your mother what I said, so she can set your ass straight, before I have to put a foot in it."
1. Your shorty is sho' 'nuff fine, dog, word to your mother!

2. Word to your knock-kneed, bald-headed, barefoot granny, cuz, if you don't stop eyeballin' my wife, I'm'a close them shits forever.
by guruvoodoo January 07, 2010
Word to your mother means you are a real life gangster from the hood. At least, that's what it means if you're the type of gangster who styles his hair like Morrissey and wears M.C. Hammer style parachute pants.
Word to your mother,
Word to your brother,
Word to the fishes in the deep blue sea,
Word to you and me.
by MC 900 Foot Oral Roberts May 12, 2006
I'm a nerdy white boy in need of a cool sounding motto.
Ankit(leaving work): Seeya later Jeff
Jeff(a computer programmer sitting at his desk with thick glasses and pens in his front shirt pocket): Seeya Ankit, word to your mother
by _Dom_ May 02, 2008
A nonsensical phrase used in 1990's hip-hop culture.
That's right, boyeeeeee, word to your mother!
by Albert February 15, 2004
Tell your Mom I said "Hi". (meaning...I'm banging your Mom)
Carl: You're lame.
Lenny: Word to your Mother.
by Leo Hungwell January 01, 2004

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