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A person, either male or female, who is inordinately fond of words, grammar, and linguistics.
She is such a word whore, she's read the Oxford Dictionary cover to cover.
by Stephanie M. October 23, 2003
Someone who starts using clever words that other people created becuase they want to feel cool.
Guy 1: ya i heard that douche steve use (muff) the other day even though he doesn't know what it means.
Guy 2: Wow what a fucking word whore.
by Steve Markle March 21, 2010
someone who likes to talk dirty and gets pleasure from it
emra: i want you right here so bad
alec: yh all night babes you make me hard, how about i get off this pc nd come round to yrs
emra: no thanks babe im a word whore its the words i love oh yesss
by Tim_Summers April 20, 2007
A person who trys to add Mexican, French, or and other bullshit words to the dictionary.
Im such a word whore
by KY Kid June 25, 2006
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