Freakin hard to say if you try to sound it out, so everyone just says "wershter" sauce.
Before sacrificing the innocent maiden to the volcano, anoint her forehead with Worcestershire sauce.
by Grim Winnebago January 13, 2004
Top Definition
Anchovi sauce originated in the English county of Worcestershire.
pronounced - wooster
by big ben September 29, 2003
A sauce that is used as a marinade in foods such as soups, meags, fish, gravies, dips and vegetables.
If you want that hunk of steak to taste better, you're going to have to get me some worcestershier sauce dude!
by doodman July 06, 2003
a fucked up name yo yo yo
dfdfdfdfdf and a fuck fuck mcgee
by niggah jay December 04, 2004
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