dorchester slang for yeah, it also can mean fiah, word and propa. Many people used worbs, now it is slowly fading out. It is generaly a response to a question, mostly used as the answer to yes or no questions.
Yo Nick u smokin that blizz?

Yo what the fuck is that kid thinkin. Biff wanna stomp him?
by Biff Leary March 18, 2007
a form of the word "word", used to replace it. Also meanin yeah and its good. replaces, Fiah, nice, and any otha word for good you can think of
U got that new skoal citrus?

by biffaholic March 16, 2007
The way that Chooch says "Word"
I am very bad at pronouncing worbs
by Ralph Martins March 17, 2004

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