a dirty fucking italian, a dirt smelly italian (prett much all of them, specially daprizio) a gay cok sucking italian a dirty way of saying what they are
Daprizio-hey what time is it man :)
Bello- fuk u u fucking daigo
Daprizio- hey man what the fuk
bello- hey u fucking wop diego shut the fuck up im busy
daprizio doing what
bello- fukin your mom she be screaming ahh deiiigioooo
by joe.....joe fuk u daprizio luv ya December 06, 2004
Top Definition
A hairy mother fucking Italian with hair on his back and ass. He also love pasta with spicy meatballs. He also loves soccer. Soccer is part of his entire life. Sometimes is related with the MOB.
Andrew Mino is a Wop Diego and his brother is an even bigger Wop Diego.
by Silvi January 09, 2005
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