A three inch tall creature from the enchanted forest on the moon. She traditionally has butterfly wings and antennae, kitty cat ears and a kitty cat tail. On a recent trip to Costa Rica, she visited the "Mo-Joe-Monkey-Bob" tree and traded her kitty cat tail for a monkey tail. Anyhow, she spends the day flittering through the enchanted forest, sleeping in mushroom homes, eating lingonberries, being in cahoots with the kitty cat; until she is stolen away by the Hefalump, forced to eat human food and lives unhappily in the city, while plotting forever to escape. Oh, she has an evil twin Weazle.
Woozles like to weasle their way into things.
by Myis June 23, 2004
A weasel really..
I want woozle for tea
by Dunno October 27, 2003
An item of dubious usefulness; any item. See yingle.
Did you see the woozle Gwen found at Goodwill the other day? We're still trying to figure out what it's for.
by Ydonia Goseling April 09, 2005
more commonly known as a tree
'where i come from they call them trees.' 'really? where i come from they call them woozles!!'

hug a dried whelk testicle woozle
by fairy nuff September 20, 2003
A woman's genital region, as referred to in the story "Pina Coladas and Cock" (from some Hustler or another)
He pounded my woozle til it dripped everywhere.
by Lauren Buren July 06, 2006
A very pretty kitty who comes in every colour so long as its black. Also likes to be called Woo or Woozel. Has A sister called (ye old) too
OH Woozle Woo your so pretty!
by Carrie September 03, 2004

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