Wooty is a racist term used in thailand which originated in Koh Hong by cambodians who had settled there.
I hate Wootys

Go hunt a wild boar you Wooty !
by Thailand enthusiast November 06, 2010
Top Definition
white girl with a booty
Damn, i was walking down the street and I saw a white girl with an ass. she was a real wooty.
by Don Nicolas September 10, 2008
As the stereotypical black person has a "booty," not too many white people have one. The word wooty is used to describe any white woman that does have one.
"I'm not going to lie, but Hillary Duff is a 'wooty'."
by 20questions July 16, 2009
A white girl with a nice ass...as seen on TMZ
Did you see that girl! She's such a wooty!!!
by dofuguy69 July 15, 2009
A congratulations to one or more persons ( See woot)
Wooties! I just leveled!
by KrypticStorm February 13, 2004
The word 'Wooty' is a term commonly used to racially provoke and describe a settlement of Cambodian people (named 'wootyians) in the Koh Hong region of Thailand and is seen to be an extremely racist and controversial word in Taiwanese society.
Theres a Wooty in those bushes! watch out! he'll impale you!!
by Hin Chon Cheaang November 06, 2010
a term created by some dick wipes in new orleans meaning white girl with an ass
rapper:I was at "Da" club and i saw a "wooty"
by KKKlova December 08, 2010
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