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A sarcastic form of the slang word woot. Used deadpan, it can add emphasis to somthing vulgar.
"Hey Mark, I just slept with your mum. Wootles."
by farmboy138 May 01, 2005
It's Woot Woot, just abbreviated and mildly gay.
-Dude, I just pwned some mad suxor nubs
by Chu November 25, 2004
A Semi-Woot. Something not quite up to the status of Woot.
That game was wootle
by The-Shield March 01, 2004
The combination of Worm and Noodle (specific nickname for our good friend!) When your friend looks like a worm or a noodle and they do something outrageous or stupid he is called wootle.
Look what the wootle is doing now.
Quit being such a wootle.
Hey wootle, come here!
by Time Goblet May 18, 2010
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