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Its something like saying "kick ass" but in game lingo
I won "wootage"
by Jason B August 24, 2003
It just means 'Fuck Yeah" in l33t
wOOtage I just Owned your ass lol you suck btw
by DopeSickKid June 10, 2004
the amount of awesome or lack there of implied while using the word WOOT
brandon: dude im not loking forward to class tomorrow.

mike: meh me neither, Negative 100 woot.

brandon: dude thats alot of negative wootage!
by Mike l vick September 02, 2008
Derived from the term woot, wootage is the act of comepletely ruling/annihilating/"owning" opposing team/force. Wootage can be measured in varying amounts, from complete wootage, to semi-wootage.
We were kicking your *posterior* in that last game man! wootage dude, wootage...

Dammit man, you got wootage!!

Now that's wootage!!
by Old Merlin July 28, 2004