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hellraiser < toodles > uses woot.cfg to perform cal-i haxor meneovers which in turn causes him to be such a leet haxor that he has speed hacks, walls, and aimbot v 3.7 .
if you were playing on de_nuke and you were a CT. if you came out of spawn you would be owned. then, you would be like "wtf?" and some d00d would say "d00d, h3s g0t w00t.cfg and he is a l33t haxor and he pwns the fuck out of you scrub cake nub sacks. then, in turn you would be like wtf? where can i get woot.cfg? and god would come out of your bathroom , slap you in the face, and tell you to go to #teamkop on gamesurge , and pm KoP|hellraiser`toodles and say "i want woot.cfg , in turn i will give you pie and nibble all over your nub sack"
by hellraiser < toodles > March 11, 2004
a cfg file that was developed by KoP // hellraiser < toodles > who is a god. it is a godlike cfg that makes you own everyone and everything possible.
KoP // hellraiser < toodles >: killed KoP // J Masta with a headshot from the m4a1:
<KoP // J Masta> damn he obviously has woot.cfg, if your don't have woot.cfg your obviously a nub.
by J Masta March 11, 2004
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