A scaled down or abbrev. version of an 1930's Depression Era Term., "Woody Toot Toot!" an exclamation of joy or satified contentment over another or condition where the exclaimer is sounding their own horn or displaying happiness. See ego.
The phrase has dwindel over the years but has found resurgence in it current form for net/game phrasing.
Woot!, They didn't see me coming, I pwned!
by Wordman April 23, 2004
sarcastic expression of excitedness, especially when other person is really excited.
yea, woot, lets all have a party, woot.
by C.Curtis October 24, 2003
Woot is a term used to show extreme exuberation in joyous agreement. It is best expressed by teen girls excited by an upcoming situation or just to display common happiness.
-"We need to get some new summer fashions"
-"We are cool"
by Caitlin June 17, 2003
1) Prior to contrary belief, the original meaning stands as an acronym for We Own the Other Team.

2) A modern form of expression.

1) Dave: Dude, 18 snipes, running riot, triple kill?
John: WOOT.

2) Peter: Yo, we both got As on our apush exams!
Emily: Woot!
by P-lev January 31, 2008
1)Celebration in life or on computer.
2)Meaning "yay" or "shit" depends how u say it.
3)Like saying "im cool!!!"
2)a. "WOOT! My football team won!"
b. "Oh WOOT! This sucks like a vacumn cleaner!"
by i-slapped-stupid-twats May 16, 2006
a word that expresses excitement of happiness. Also spelled "w00t".
Someone says "We won" You say "Woot"
by bread infection January 31, 2006
A not so gay way to say yay.
"Woot, I won again!"
"I pwnz0r j00, woot!"
by Jocax Tucax December 01, 2005
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