WOOT! is a cheer. Like YAHOO, YAY, WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO. WOOT! is all good.
WOOT! How are you?
It's nice to see you. WOOT!
by Doc B June 03, 2005
Woot as our one friend said is diriveted from olde english, "to know" however in recent times woot has become computer geek slang, an exclamation of joy or dismay, and salutation, woot is one of our ever changing words such as "phat" or "sick" yes wonder at the evolution of language. oh and woot may also be used as part of another word. and lastly as a locating call between friends over semi large distances. the answering woot-call is always followed by a ta as in Woo-ta
"Woot! how are yous?"
"Wow loot goes to w00t, old school D&D we get it"
"WOOT got an A on the test"
Aww wootenshtimer! i broke my bike"
"W-oo-oo-oo-tt......" **answering call: "W-oo-oo-oo-ttaaa!**
by Sarah E. April 28, 2005
An interjection. Often used when the user is excited or happy.
woot, I totally pwned those n00bs!
by seek March 28, 2005
A term used to express joy in something or when you are a loser who plays games too much. Usually typed with zero's instead of O's
"Gavin scored 99/100 on his test w00t"

"Gavin is a bellend, w00t"

"Matteh is teh w00t!"
by Jamie January 06, 2005
"w00t!" is a popular descendent of the informal interjections "Whoomp" and "Whoot", used to express joy or elation. Compare "Yippee!"

The terms rose to popularity in two 1993 rap / hip-hop tracks from "95 south" and "tag team", entitled "Whoot (There it is)" and "Whoomp (there it is)" respectively.
w00t! I just achieved a goal!
by Jon November 11, 2004
Exclamation of technology obsessed people (h4x0rZ, gamers, even txtmsg freaks) indicating feelings of excitement and satisfaction. I believe it originates from "What now, bitch!" which was shortened to "What!" and then 1337-ized to "w00t".
w00t! 1 pwned j00! n00b!
by Uber Chicken August 26, 2004
A scaled down or abbrev. version of an 1930's Depression Era Term., "Woody Toot Toot!" an exclamation of joy or satified contentment over another or condition where the exclaimer is sounding their own horn or displaying happiness. See ego.
The phrase has dwindel over the years but has found resurgence in it current form for net/game phrasing.
Woot!, They didn't see me coming, I pwned!
by Wordman April 23, 2004

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