a word commonly used to show positive emotion to a situation or experiance. Usually followed by and exclamation mark. also w00t or wo0t/w0ot
woot! I just got some ass!
woot! pwned!
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
A common misspelling of the term w00t.
Woot, I am the roxor
by woot July 23, 2003
(1)a word to descride a expansivly happy situation
(2) something random to say when one is bored

fun fact: woot, backwards/upsidedown is perpindicular line oom
seamonkeymakegreatlovers: ....and that all i have to say about that
thegiraffehaslanded: woot.......woot....wooooooooooooooooooooot
by Kim July 09, 2004
interjection Use “woot” whenever you feel you need a little pep in your step or bounce to your.. uhh.. ounce.
that party was awesome! haha woot.
by D March 06, 2004
A word expressing great happiness; To be thrilled. (To be used in it's own sentense)
Oh my god! I just got laid! Woot!
by C Dubya July 22, 2003
woot - adj - a word to describe a feeling of joy, ecstacy, happiness, or just outright love. Most of the time describing a blowhole. Ash or Patti
Woot! Where going to canada
by Patti Blowhole August 24, 2006
Noun describing items that were bought online for less than what they are worth.
"That digital camera for a dollar is good woot"
by Dengel November 29, 2005

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