How Kris Fortnam says "what"
Woot, you fucka yo mama!
by Dan Bolling March 06, 2005
the canadian way to say "what"
" woot was that?? i saw it scurry aboot that way!!!"
by JEN April 17, 2003
Acronym for:
1. We Owned the Other Team
2. Want One Of Those
3. Wonderful Loot
1. During the vidoe game's postgame carnage report, the red team kept exclaiming, "WOOT!"
by Mouthsmasher March 06, 2005
Everquest slang for "Wonderful loot" commonly used to refer to a happy event or occurrence.
Woot! That rabid weevil dropped to Bloody Cleavers!
by Wes February 21, 2003
Simply stands for "Want One Of Those!" and is an expression of desire.
Totally Woot!
by Jeff Plum July 10, 2008
Mating call of the Wild American Jackass--see also moot.
Anyone who says woot
by tired of woot August 07, 2006
(1)a word to descride a expansivly happy situation
(2) something random to say when one is bored

fun fact: woot, backwards/upsidedown is perpindicular line oom
seamonkeymakegreatlovers: ....and that all i have to say about that
thegiraffehaslanded: woot.......woot....wooooooooooooooooooooot
by Kim July 09, 2004
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