I just readed all the comments and all comments are just wrong , yes woot was invented by gamers but its not a call of joy its actually a shortcut for : we owned other team .
Just putting this out there.
1 team beated another team then the winning team can say woot .
by External89 August 23, 2011
A shrill, obnoxious noise/word used by immature people to express happiness or excitement. Supposedly started in the gamer community, but is now used by any slack-jawed moron to express delight.
"Looks like your team has now won ten in a row."

"Woot woot! *belch*"

"Um, wouldn't a simple "hooray" work, instead of waking everyone in the neighboorhood?"
by ucud July 10, 2008
A mis-spelling of w00t often made in emails by non-technophiles/non-gamers, administrative secretaries and soccer moms trying to sound hip and young when texting younger coworkers or their young ones.
(mom) Thats grate dear! Your dad will be so proud you finished Splinter Cell! Awesome! woot!

(son) That's w00t mom...

(mom) but those are zeros

(son) cul8r mom..

(mom) whats that dear? I think you mashed the keys. Oh my, are you on drugs?
by gorthos September 15, 2008
Currently most associated with being a interjection for expressing happiness over an event or an achievement.

I would also like to interject on entry #11 that if "woot" was actually a Middle English word, it would have been recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary -which it is not- and would be both documented and placed on a timeline. Since it is not, I would highly advise that others take that statement about as serious as entry #4 unless that user can provide substantial evidence to support that claim.
It's finally Summer, woot!
by _the_raven_1984_ September 24, 2008
Woot: Meaning YAY HOORAY AWESOME etc. But also recently recognized as "We Own Other Team"
We just PWNeD those noobs! w00t! Woot Woot!!
by Uberpwnzr April 02, 2009
I like to think maybe my nick-name was the original woot. im 32 and have been called woot my whole life because my last name is wooten
Hey whats going on woot?
by David Wooten February 01, 2008
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