meaning hurray...somethng has gone right and you must express it with a soundeffect...
i got ass...woot!!
by tasha September 26, 2004
A woman that loves attention from anyone. Has sex with anyone but will call the disinterested "she's/he's horny heathen" when rejected.

I'm a woot, I know you want all of this.
#hypercrit #ihaveagirlfriend #ihaveaboyfriend woot
by Think 8 August 13, 2016
"Woot" (w00t, wewt) was a term used for the phrase "We owned the other team!". However, it is more commonly used as a sign of happyness. Read below.

Used as an interjection, this word was originated back in the early days of MMO's and games with Online PvP (player vs Player) action. Teams of players (Guilds, Clans, etc.) would go around and fight other players. When and if they would win they would all say "woot" jump around and celebrate.

However that term is now obsolete. The way it is more commonly used is still as an interjection, but it now stands for "Awsome!" or "Yay!". This may happen when something good happens to a player such as getting good loot or leveling up in a game such as World of Warcraft or MU.
Way 1:
"Dude... lets kill these guys"
*Start Fighting
"Woot we won!"

Way 2:
*Is fighting monster
by Jon WS November 23, 2007
An expression used by sailors in the Canadian navy during WWII to describe a babe who had the goods. Typically used while on shore leave, it was an imitation of a ships klaxon horn alert sound.
Sailors walking down a street in harbour as a dame walks by;
Woot! says one and another says "I'll say"!
by Chocofboxlettes June 06, 2009
The sound a guineau pig makes when excited. In my youth, I had a guineau pig that would say "Woot woot" whenever he saw that I was going to feed him, and so I learned to say "Woot woot" as an expression of excitement. That was before the age of computer games. Just a personal thing of being 20 years ahead of the times.
You notice a nice looking woman in the distance, and you say to your friend, "Woot woot."
by Ontario guy January 18, 2009
A womans pussy that has givin birth to a child and is really loose due to getting pounded by huge penis
"Dude i hooked up with a girl who had a woot!"

"wow thats a nasty woot!"
by Aniggerboy88 October 26, 2011
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