In 1990 we used woot when playing tabletop dice Dungeons and Dragons when we came across good gear or loot.. Now its worked its way into online games and chat speak.

Same sorta meaning, excitment, happy, wow I found someone I wanted or liked.

DM: You come across a chest filled with unicorn horns.
Mage: WOOT!
by treesekaon March 28, 2009
exclm; used in times of great excitement; to express a stage of extreme excitement; often used instead of "yes!" "saweet!""awesome", etc.;
Kid 1: "What are we doing tonight?"

Kid 2: "Getting high on Vlad."

Kid 1: "Woot!"
by Michael March 03, 2005
1. A signature word used to describe a feeling of joy, excitement, happiness, agreement or another positive emotion -used by Laura Hill (famous owner of Hill's Kitchen)...the word can be capitalized or lowercase but must be followed with at least one exclamation point.
2. A positive interjection similar to "Awsome" "Yay" Hurray", "Huzzah" "Yahoo" "Yes" "Yea" "Sweet"or "Woohoo" but much cooler & really can only be used by "Laura Hill" now that she owns the word...
3. Any prior origins or uses of this word are now antiquated since it has now been adopted in this context.
"I get to play with my sons in this great weather today! Woot!"
by Coloradomom March 19, 2010
The word "woot" does not mean "We own the other team," you stupid mother F###$"

It is a expresion of joy.
woot! Im better then you, YOU SUCK mwhahaha!
by RawXon April 06, 2006
What you say when you win something or do or see something cool.
Football Player: (After getting amazing touchdown) WOOT!!!!
by PBoogie January 24, 2010
(especially in electronic communication) used to express elation, enthusiasm, or triumph.

1990s: origin uncertain
I definitely get Fridays off, woot!

(Came directly from Oxford, wtf)
by The Grim Sleeper April 21, 2011
A phrase shouted out when you have gained a new level or you simply looted something cool.
An excitment generated by geeks and nerds while playing a MMORPG.
WOOT!, I looted a shining dragon breastplate!
by pogibear77 November 06, 2003
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