W00t is an acronym meaning "We Own the Other Team" it is not used instead of "yes!"
Game: "You Win!"
You: W00T!!!1!!
by lionheart May 24, 2005
to ejaculate a lot woot woot woot
Im wooting in your face!!!
by Kyle January 16, 2005
typo for wood. so when people wanna type wood they accidentally type woot
My house is made of woot
by roos123 May 17, 2005
A phrase used by womanizing bastards the world over, meaning "we only oggle tits." Was vastly popular in the late eighties and early nineties on the west coast, and was once found as the slogan for a nightclub catering to lesbians. This has been the cause of roughly 35 suspentions over the course of the years, with teachers and parents banning the obscenity from school pictures.
Duuuude, w.O.O.t. that Mr. H!
by Shuffle September 13, 2005
a Christian abv. meaning Worship Only One Truth
my friend at church has a pin that says w.O.O.t.
by b-i-n-g-o May 24, 2004

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