A contraction of the phrase 'woo woo',
with the 't' standing for 'twice'.
'I got some free stuff! woot!'
by one man gang May 19, 2007
A)Often used by delinquents to emphasise feeling towards somthing.

Synonym - dude

B) often used to replace similar words that doesn't necessarily have a paralell meaning.
A) WOOT! That was friggin' awsome!
B) Woot the hell are you talking about?
A shout of exciment from a geek, nerd, and/or dork within the internet.
Woot! I owned that dude!
by Don Wilson April 02, 2003
term used by faggots to describe happiness over playing a MMMOROGPGOH game where they pretend there lives don't suck so much balls. you can also Double Woot which counts 10x. But you have to be a level 8 dicksucker to use this power.
DragonSlayerSupreme10: WOOT! my character is so Bad-Ass
MissSlayestBitoch: Will you virtually fuck me?
DragonSlayerSupreme10: Double WOOT!
by Feather August 08, 2007
Another term for Ketchup
Pass me the Woot for my burger.
by Doug G May 19, 2006
Woot means a score like with a girl, and a joyful cheer, but it came from the first definition usually used by gamers, would use woot so other non games didnt know and usually didnt care what it ment, but it was then passed to people who used it just as a cheer
1-I wooted with courtney
2-after you win something Woot!
by Dre May 20, 2004
1. an exclamation made when something good happens: YEA! AWESOME!
2. Male masturbation
3. (verb) male ejaculation esp. after masturbating
1. I just fragged that punk! Woot!
2. With a Playboy in his hand, he began to woot.
3. Dang, I just wooted all over my porno magazine.
by Doobie Smokes You November 18, 2004
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