used since the early 60s woot is the sound of a large bore 2 stroke motocross bike.
Used to indicate excitement, originally by motocross fans.
Similar to braap.
Woot!! That guy is haulin. Woot, Wooooot, Wooooooooooooooot.!!!!!!
by tardski July 30, 2005
WOOT! is a cheer. Like YAY, WOOOOO HOOOOOO, or YAHOO. WOOT! is good.
WOOT! how are you?
It's nice to she you. WOOT!
by Doc B June 03, 2005
1.) Woot is the expression that stoners to use to signfy that they "got a bag."

2.) Can be used while driving around town to scare pedestrians.

3.) Expression of excitment or great joy- happens quite often while stoned.
I've got some- WOOT!

Balls. WOOT!

WOOT! I'm so stoned! WOOT! WOOT!
by Leah July 01, 2004
see wewt.
wewt. im wooting
by Mickey May 23, 2004
believed to have originated in the early days of online quake; when many people got in a group and jumped, it produced a "woot" noise.
quake player 1: lets jump around
quake player 2,3,4,5,6,7,8: ok

*woot noise*
by l33t h4x0rx0rz March 07, 2004
1:An abbreviation for the phrase:"We owned the other team"
2:A simple cry of joy
1:Woot, that was too easy.
2:I just got a new job, Woot!
by User January 12, 2004
Simply a word that was originally used by hackers to exclaim they had acsess to the root. Soon after was adopted by gamers. Now, it's a way of life. Much like Zen, a more happy state of mind.
Woot! I passed my math exam

I live by the code of woot!
by Jessen June 30, 2003

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