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a big hairy bitch that will bite u if u get 2 close. Various different sub-species, yet generally all r very large, immense women with un-natural amount of hair.
"Stay away from that wooly bitch if u wanna live 2 c 2morrow."
by HaggardAss December 12, 2005
7 32
fat marijuana cigarette mixed with PCP or crack
But it was just a dream for the teen, who was a fiend
Started smokin woolies at sixteen
by Thumbs March 02, 2005
488 58
I don't know about the above definition, a wooly is a blunt with coke or crack added for additional flava
Tuttle rolled a couple of woolys last night and I couldn't move for hours.
by See Also: Poochie June 03, 2003
116 27
a cigarette laced with cocain
i've got some marlboros and some coke, lets pack a wooly
by skippyy June 17, 2011
11 11
A slang term refering to the UK high street shop Woolworths.
I'm Off To Woolies
by Alpha1Echo August 06, 2008
53 53
Someone who lives near, but NOT in, Liverpool. wooly back
He's not a scouser, he's a wooly.
by definition April 04, 2005
35 35
Someone who's hair resembles a sheep's wool.
Haha Matt! Look at that Wooly kid!!!!
by DontTread June 22, 2012
3 4
Person 1: "He says he's a scouser."
Person 2: "Nah he's from St Helens."
Person 1: "He's a wooly then."
by scouserlad January 03, 2012
1 5