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When girls go through a period of non-shaving bliss!
Damn Erin Walker and Kristine Mattiace are such wooly mammoth! Shave your cooter. Tame that shit.
by Olivia Propps December 17, 2007
A mother effin hairy elephant
Oh look a WOOLY mammoth
by Jackie Chans July 07, 2010
When a guy shaves his pubes and all the hair gets stuck to his dick.
Person 1:OMG bro, i shaved my pubes yesterday and I got a total Wooly Mammoth!!

Person 2: Why the fuck would would you tell me that.
by smokingsbadmkay October 29, 2011
when u sit on someones face while they are sleeping and fart, making your butt hairs trumpet in their face.
"Dude, my upper lip has a rash from that wooly mammoth you gave me last night!"
by skullkrack November 22, 2011
A gigantic, hairy penis.
Tom dropped trou at the party last night, and he's got a freaking Wooly Mammoth!
by Frempt November 26, 2009
A very unattractive and fat person. Usually said when the person is thought to be atractive but when you see a picture they are ugly.
Kyle: Hey this hot girl is sending me a picture of her!
Jason: Let me see!
Kyle: Just received it, take a look!
Jason:....She looks like a wooly mammoth!
Kyle: FTW
by AHHH ITS A MAMMOTH April 07, 2011
A very hairy animal; Devon
Corey: Wooly Mammoth!

Kevin and Evan: Hahaha

by hjfoytjro0gkfpg November 27, 2006

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