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a big hairy bitch that will bite u if u get 2 close. Various different sub-species, yet generally all r very large, immense women with un-natural amount of hair.
"Stay away from that wooly bitch if u wanna live 2 c 2morrow."
by HaggardAss December 12, 2005
fat marijuana cigarette mixed with PCP or crack
But it was just a dream for the teen, who was a fiend
Started smokin woolies at sixteen
by Thumbs March 02, 2005
I don't know about the above definition, a wooly is a blunt with coke or crack added for additional flava
Tuttle rolled a couple of woolys last night and I couldn't move for hours.
by See Also: Poochie June 03, 2003
Someone who lives near, but NOT in, Liverpool. wooly back
He's not a scouser, he's a wooly.
by definition April 04, 2005
Someone who's hair resembles a sheep's wool.
Haha Matt! Look at that Wooly kid!!!!
by DontTread June 22, 2012
a cigarette laced with cocain
i've got some marlboros and some coke, lets pack a wooly
by skippyy June 17, 2011
A slang term refering to the UK high street shop Woolworths.
I'm Off To Woolies
by Alpha1Echo August 06, 2008
slang; european mostly english, comes from the attitude of sheep. Sheep always are sketchy and shiddish. This applies to the attitude of people sometimes. Shaddy or sometimes a flake.
Man I hate taking english, when I am a biology major. If you ask me english is a very wooly subject.
by vmpas October 11, 2009