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Wookie the most smokin dude you'll ever find, prefers Korean chicks, but occasionally a Western Chicken will do too.

He is just fabulous, words can barely describe it, but his soft smooth lips, when they touch a pearl of water and blossom in the morning sun, show his softness and passion.

His beuatiful, heart will always shine over Waldenbuch.
Svenja: I just went to Waldenbuch yesterday and saw this smokin hot dude eating some Rittersport chocolate. The cold chocolate was melting on his warm lips, and then he shouted Svenja I love you. Wookie will always be in my heart.

Paula: Really? Cause at this Festival he came up to me we made out, he was just the most amazing dude you will ever find, make sure you keep him close.
by Wookiechan December 17, 2013
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A criminally delicious item that can be made in most university dining halls and hotel buffets. A wookie is made by delicately nestling a chocolate chip cookie within the warm, cozy well of a folding waffle maker. Then waffle batter is lovingly drizzled over said cookie and cooked. People who have consumed wookies usually experience elevated heart rate, out-of-body experiences, visions of other worlds, and severe withdrawal symptoms.
A: "I think the last time I shat my pants was when I was 4."
B: "Dude, the last time I shat my pants was when my friend made me a wookie during breakfast."
by H.D. August 30, 2013
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Nickname given to one of Super Junior's main vocalists, Kim Ryeo Wook.
Friend: What is the first thing you think of when someone says 'Wookie'??

You: Kim Ryeowook :3♥

Friend: WTH???
by Mrs.WookieKim January 01, 2013
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A voluminous mound of untamed pubic hair that hirsute women who elect against personal grooming in the pelvic area may accrue.
As I slid her panties down, out sprang a snarling, near-life-sized beast in what turned out to be my first close-up experience with the legendary Wookie.
by WookieHntr November 14, 2011
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A wookie is a person that has a funny blue peace of hair on the back of the head.these people usualy are hard core narvana fans.
MOM! theres a wookie in the bacement
by Mr.Curran December 06, 2006
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A term used in the call of duty series of games to describe a player that uses ghost, and may or may not sit in a corner/ bush. He is often described by the other team as a noob, and should go back to Halo.
That damn wookie keeps killing me.
by Xshrapnel July 14, 2011
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A women that is abnormally tall to the average man and is most the time too thick to comfortably have sex with. She usually is accompanied by, married to, or dating skinny tall men that are dorks by nature who in part get the nick-name Han (as in Han Solo from Star Wars). Even though Han was way cooler than theses guys, they'll never know the cool nick-name they just got is anything but a cruel joke. When it's time to part ways of life from these Han fellows, let them know the true meaning or just simply say "So long wookie master".
Scott: Hey bro, i just made up a new name for that dick Tim.

Jason: Oh yea, what?

Scott: Han.

Jason: What?

Scott: Well considering his wife is a wookie, it's only fitting.

Jason: nice.
by i am not a wookie master July 02, 2011
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