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A huge, disgusting, smelly, hairy, fat, half-ton lesbian. Wookie Dykes often make a loud, guttural sound when they are hungry for labia.

Frank: Why? (Frank turns around)What's going on?

Barry: Rickeeeeeeeeee - er, I mean FRAAAAAAAAAAAANK!

Frank: Barry. Give me that hash. Now. Hand it over. That's Rhonda, the wookie dyke. She's mostly harmless unless you get too close with food or another lesbian. Then you'd better watch out. She'll eat your arm.

Barry: Yeah, I noticed that huge scar on your...

Frank: Nevermind. Just stop being such a spaz and relax. And what was up with that "Rickeeeee" thing? That is seriously the last time I smoke hash with you. Jesus.
by Pollup January 07, 2008
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