One who wooks, or one who enjoys wooking.
Also known in Canada as diaper fisher.
Person: Fucking wooker
by monkeylx1 January 19, 2008
Top Definition
a clump of hair that has bunched up. mostly found in sinks, trimming, or on the floor after trimming or cutting hair. a soggy wooker is created when the wooker is wet. these are found in sinks and home water drains. the term spawns from the movie Star Wars in honor of the Wookies. the term originates from speech in rural areas. much like how "son of a bitch" became "som bitch".
I went into the bathroom after my mom and i found a soggy wooker the size of a small cat.
by Dark_side December 08, 2005
A person whose main function in life revolves around indiscriminate sex esp. those known locally as the bar whore.
Every time I go to the bar in search of a fly chick to take home I end up waking up with a wooker in my bed instead.
by Sergeant Kyle September 14, 2007

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