Term used to describe the act of armpit sex. Often performed at Christian Bible Camps to maintain the sense of chastity.
"Hey, Abraham, so I was studying some Bible verses with Maria and she let me Woo Hoo her right there!"
by DunebuggyMike September 18, 2008
To have or want sex.

Means to fuck.
I'm so damn horny, I wanna woo hoo right now!!

I can't wait to get home to woo hoo.
by Kietee025 June 25, 2006
when you get rammed up the ass with god-knows-what, and all you know is that you must scream "WOO HOO!!" at the top of your lungs
We heard the telltale "WOO HOO!!" from around the corner, and knew that yet another freshman had been backdoor banged by some queer upperclassman with a foreign object. The sick bastards!!
by stealth_sim1 January 26, 2005
In reference to Girl Scout camping

also known as, Ice cream
Let's go out for woohoo!
I want to eat the woohoo in the freezer.
by Mello-kun July 30, 2007
A woo hoo is another name for a male (willy!!!) or aka cock.
Did you see the size of his woohoo? yeah
omg and her yoohoo!
totally made her woooooohoooooo!
towny hasnt got a woohoo.
by RIP mini blackboard April 23, 2005

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