1. someone who is very excited says "woo-hoo!"
2. If something is retarted and not cool at all someone says "woohoo..." sarcastically
1. "house partay! woohoo!"
2. "ooh grandma died, woohoo..."
by ozone_friendly July 28, 2004
Another word for sex on the sims 2
my sims just had a woohoo
by Blitzsims August 01, 2008
1- a word used to describe excitment

2- a word used to describe fake excitment

it can also be used as part of another word
1- woo-hoo, let's throw a party!!!

2- woo-hoo...?

3- woo-freaking-ho
by Captain Pete April 27, 2004
A term used to convey ones excitment!!
"I'm going out tonight!! Woo Hoo!!!"
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
a quick and natural reaction to excitement, joy and complete satisfaction.
Homer: Marge are we jewish? Marge: no, Homer Homer: woo hoo! (eats a pork roast)
by Pimp in the Box February 05, 2009
In the world of The Sims 2, this word is a euphemism for sexual intercourse, in a very generic sense.

Game characters will actually do a dance in which they twist and contort their necks, backs, arms, and legs in ways which would be either very painful or impossible in real life, but which allows the game to have an ESRB T rating whilst still creating the illusion from the partially-obscured woo-hoo-capable object are engaging in something closer to a more realistic sexual position.

In the Simlish language, the term "woohoo!" is used more or less the same as in English, to denote sudden pleasure or pleasant shock. In-game, the act and phrase are both accompanied by the couple making noises, including cat shrieks, dog barks, truck horn noises, and even a female orgasm purr; usually accompanied by magical chimes to indicate pregnancy.

In the world of the game's community, the term has taken the place of "Play in Bed," a term borrowed from the original Sims that did not cause pregnancy in that game. Unlike the original Sims, Sims 2 partners will only woo-hoo in their underwear, unless a hack is applied telling them to do it in the nude. Such hacks are only now available on adult subscription sites.

The related sexual content to the "woo-hoo" feature has been the cause of much controversy, as there is argument over exactly how much sexual content is appropriate in a T-rated game.

"Woo-hoo"-ready objects include the Love Tub, any double bed, and most cars, as well as changing rooms in the shops.

The term was further popularized by its use in the seventh episode of The Strangerhood by Rooster Teeth Productions, where Catherine offers to bang Dutchmiller using the term.
Gal: "What? Why does it say 'woo-hoo' on the screen?"
Guy: "Oh. That just means that those two Sims want sex."
Gal: "But they're not even in love, let alone married!"
Guy: "That's because I installed LizzLove's Swinger's Bed Hack when you weren't looking, now they'll woo-hoo just as long as they're of legal age."
Gal: "Jerk."
by ObscuredOne March 20, 2007
A bunch of slightly insane Martin Wood fans, who bounce a lot, run around nekkid and smoke too much broccoli while spreading the peace and love.
The WooHoos use any excuse they can to party and celebrate the Awesomeness that is Martin Wood!!
by Jumble65 March 16, 2011

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