A floating poo/crap/faece, found in a body of water ie. pool, surf.

This term was brought into existence by surfers who couldn't be bothered paddling back into shore to go to the toilet.
Damn, that last wave scared the woofies out of me!

Yeah, whatever you dirty woofie!
by AfroDitee January 07, 2004
Top Definition
Similar to 'Wuffy', Woofie is a pet name given to somebody who is loving, loyal and devoted., Somebody who you can turn too when you are feeling down.

The names Wuffy and Woofie are popular among the Furry community, because they sound like the sounds a canine would make.
He is my Wuffy and i am his Woofie.

I wish Woofie were here right now :(
by fextheferret March 01, 2015

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