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WoodysGamertag, or Woody, is a 7,000 year old unexceptional gamer on Youtube. He is also know as "he who supplies us with free netflix" and the leader of the RAPESQUADKILLAS. Woody also provides you with hours of entertainment on his minecraft server. Woody once single-handedly saved a small african village with only a wooden spoon. He gives great tips on many things from "how to give a blowjob" to "how to deal with toxic friends" but his tips DON'T work when your on a mobile device/Gaming console or when your adblock is enabled. He was the one who convinced Hitler to kill himself and decided to take no credit. He has fought and ALMOST BEAT professional UFC fighter Joe Lauzon. He is widely regarded as one of the best left 4 dead players in the world. He said it himself. These are facts.
Hey, did you see woodysgamertag's new video about where you can spend hours of time with a free month of netflix and a great minecraft server?
by RAPESQUADKILLA69 January 18, 2014
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