What Woody Allen gets when he spots a young asian woman.
Look how big my woody is Mai Ling !
Thin piece of wood with the word WOODY on the back and a small face on the front....
Man 1 - Man, I broke my woody!
Man 2 - Go to the wood store, they ought to have more!
by joseantara June 09, 2006
The King of all Hobos...a.k.a. Woody the weak , Woody the worthless , Woody the waste of Wood
That Woody's a fuckin' hobo !!
by Chaich February 10, 2004
that one weird kid everyone has at their school. he has lots of zits on his face and definitely likes to check out other men and while he never pops his zits they have large amounts of puss on them, and they grow so large they just pop all over his face
hey did you see woody the other day that zit was staring at me.

dang man my teacher is definitely a woody
by fat griggs January 27, 2010
1. n An erect penis.
2. v To blow it on a girls face instantly.
Man we had no fun when she touched my woody, I immediatly pulled a woody.
by shoeless joe March 25, 2003
A redneck version of a condom
-I went to the market to buy some woodys so i could get er done.
by Bubba II September 09, 2005
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