A brand of longboard named for it's 100% Canadian Maple build with wood grain finished bottom.
Your sector Nine blows! It's not nearly as cool as my Woody.

Your sector nine blows my woody.

by Chris Craig November 20, 2006
1). A hard-on
2). A name for a guy with feministic qualities
Man ive got a woody right now!

Look at woody, straightening his hair, hes such like a girl
by the chuckanator August 14, 2010

Acting in a very stiff, yet man-whorish manner. Very hug crazy. Tends to annoy

both guys and girls. Creates losts of awkward moments.
John, you need to quit acting so woody. It is begining to annoy everyone.
by Mal-Mal October 29, 2009
someone who stinks realy bad, is fat and bald, rubs a throbing vain on his forhead called "Gorby" alot, and only showers about once every 2-3 weeks. And usualy loves to hit on FAT CHICKS!!
I don't know but Woody might have gerbles in his head !!!
by gusto80 August 17, 2009
To be in a state of complete and utter drunkness. And/or legless off a small amount.
"Simo was so woodies last night, he was thrashed"
by Travis Dere March 04, 2008
To going missing for large periods of time without any prior notice.
Lord Lucan did a woody.
by Lord Football March 10, 2005
A white person... short of Peckerwood.
Look theres a woody in the hoody!
by D0c February 21, 2006

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