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a slang derogatory term that covers all Asians and any one else who looks like one, like Filipinos.
"Hey Garry look at this mother fucker."
"Garry" "Holly shit shit look at this dumb woody, little fucker can't even see over his steering wheel. We better take this fucker out"
by tony farva July 24, 2010
a beast
Gee says: Woody is a beast!
by dh/frbiker671 May 06, 2009
1.) Drummer in 80's ska band madness
"Have you watched the video to 'It must be
love?' Woody looks very femmy in it."
by Agatha Mold October 04, 2004
the term a father uses to explain the sensation a male might recieve when he thinks lustful thoughts
"when your around a girl you might get a woody" *vomits*!! DAD! sick!!
by Fran-e and Sage August 28, 2004
having an erection resembling a fucken bat... un less u have like 2 fucken inches.
Johnny has a fucken woody.. groosss!!!
by richarddd June 24, 2008
A brand of longboard named for it's 100% Canadian Maple build with wood grain finished bottom.
Your sector Nine blows! It's not nearly as cool as my Woody.

Your sector nine blows my woody.

by Chris Craig November 20, 2006
A Kid Called James Who Broke Up With Cherie, A Good Mate With A Fishy Penis
Cherie And Woody Broke Up Because He Had A Woody
by MrReid June 26, 2009