Short for woodchippy.

Having the characteristics of a woodchip.

Usually meant for a guy.

These characteristics include: sweet, intelligent, sincere, warm-hearted, handsome, and very lovable.

The word for a girl with these characteristics is flowerpettally.
Mereda: "My boyfriend, Alex, is so woody! He is really warm-hearted. Alex can't stand to see anyone sad. He is so lovely, I melt every time I see him smile."

Clara: "Erik is pretty woody too. I mean he is so passionate! And he is a genius too."

Harriette: "What about Edward? He's always sincere. And so loyal. Definitely woody."
by Clarediette February 27, 2010
New golf term like a Birdie. Except it deals with with scoring on eight holes instead on one.
Tiger Woods recently scored a Woody.
by greenguy253 December 07, 2009
a carved wooden penis that men from the 17th century put down their pants to appear well endowed.
Do you have a woody or are you just glad to see me?
by Razamataz September 11, 2013
a charecter in toy storry
buzz: whats up with woody
rex: he is having a bad day
by batman12 November 14, 2011
a badass nickname. i.e Hard Wood, Woodstock, Mr. Wood, Woodson, woodrow
Dude! I heard that kid woody is here!
by dh woodyy January 21, 2012
a name given to mostly males who rise in the morning.
jake: "dude, i had to wear jeans instead of gym shorts this morning because i was so tall"
max: "damn, woody!"
by jomibo. March 10, 2011
some really hott guy that's gonna become famous some day
by Anonymous March 30, 2003

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