an erect penis
whoa dude whenever i see that chick dude its like dude she gives me a woody

another variation:
i woke up this morning with early morning wood
by biggie August 22, 2003
An old car with wooden sides (like a station wagon). Also a surfboard, or skimboard that is made out of wood.
I'm drivin' my woody to the beach!
by smuggest July 08, 2005
1. Hard Cock

2. A Wooden Rollercoaster, Woodie

3. For Some Reason, The Word With The Most "Thumbs Up" on uRbaAN DICTIONARY

4. My Fucking Name!
1. Hmm, Now All I Need to do is Find a Way to Make My Woody a Bit Bigger... I Know! Steroids!

2. I'll Take my Bitch on the new Woody, Then Maybe She'll Finally Put Out!

3. Son of a Bitch has more Votes then Me...

4. Again, my name is not .Woody., It's Woody. Get rid of the period used as a prefix, thats my Screen Name.
by .Woody. January 23, 2008

1. to be awesome beyond imagination 2. to be so ridiculously good looking that one is attractive to every female present and at least one guy present 3. to be incredibly smart with a huge dong.


1. one who is awesome beyond contemplation (not to be confused with one who is "pious beyond reason") 2. one who pwns in all that he/she does, do, or did.


1. to pwn someone so badly the pwned begs to "take it in the face" 2. to win at a competetion so completely that the loser is glad to have lost 3. to commit an act of awesome or divine magnitude. 4. to impregnate any woman within a 50 yard radius.(no fattys)
1. "Got Wood?" aka "Do you possess an audience with the Gods?
2."At breakfast on the first day, Woody created God, then told Him to go play."
by The_Pecker February 05, 2010

To come out of no where.

A word that is primarily of the asian dialect and has plagued the schools Lower Merion and Harriton High School for some time.

Woodies is short for woodwork.

Often used in the expression Popped out the woodies. Other Variations of the word have been "woodworks", Woods, and shrimped

sometimes when said can sound like wudies, or wooties, depending on how said.

1. awwwwwwwwww anthony popped out the woodies!
2. Shrimped out the woods.
3. Man that dude popped out the woods.
by the woodie poppa February 23, 2009
An erection of the penis, usually caused by a full bladder upon waking in the morning. Also, associated with erotic dreams.
He drank a full liter of water before going to bed, so it was no surprise he woke with a woody.
by BooBoi March 04, 2015
A person (most commonly male) who strips off, completely naked, only wearing a cowboy hat. They will then proceed to take photos of his/herself in this attire and send it to the person who asked to see their genitals.
Person 1: Did you hear what Chris did the other day?

Person 2: YEAH! he sent someone a picture of himself in the nude, wearing a cowboy hat.

Person 1: man! that guy is such a woody!
by Tommy Nugget August 04, 2010

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