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a slang derogatory term that covers all Asians and any one else who looks like one, like Filipinos.
"Hey Garry look at this mother fucker."
"Garry" "Holly shit shit look at this dumb woody, little fucker can't even see over his steering wheel. We better take this fucker out"
by tony farva July 24, 2010
2 4
(n) A wooden roller coaster
I like steel coaster, but I prefer the classic woody.
see also woodie
by kwood4800 April 26, 2006
91227 768
erect penis
"she was so hot, I sprang a woody"
by morningwood faerie February 05, 2003
1825 788
1. An erect penis.
2. A stupid character on the sitcom "Cheers".
1. That chick gave me a woody!
2. That Woody on Cheers is a retard!
by johnsmith July 09, 2003
993 646
a character off of toy story.
hez tha cowboy
Hey Woody!! wut u doin up there
by who karez August 19, 2004
636 411
a hardon or a boner
I got a woody when she rubbed her hand on my johnson
by Greg August 22, 2003
722 502
A guy who is amazingly awesome; indescribly hot
gal 1: "WOW' who is that?"
gal 2: " That's Woody!!!"
by peachhhhhh January 25, 2009
413 215
An old car with wooden sides (like a station wagon). Also a surfboard, or skimboard that is made out of wood.
I'm drivin' my woody to the beach!
by smuggest July 08, 2005
288 228