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i live out in the boonies, and i may have an explanation for this phenomenon:hunting trips. a lot of times when a group of guys go out on a hunting trip, they will take advantage of the fact that theres no women around (wives, kids, etc.) and pick up/bring along some porn to look at and even trade (plus what else are you going to to do when you're out in the woods with a bunch of guys for a couple days?) obivously they would only be packing magazines for this kinda of a trip. if you know some guys who usually go out on hunting trips, check out their hunting vehicle (usually an old beat up truck or van) and you'll probably find a poorly concealed stack of porn mags. apparently its a pretty common occasion for this sort of thing; like a coming of age deal, or simply a way to trade porn between friends without worrying about possible scrutiny from the wimmins. woods porn is often a result of this activity, although sometimes its just from someone trying to get rid of their old stuff without risking their family finding it in the trash can. obviously its a lot less common nowadays, with the internet, and an overall more socially acceptable opinion of porn.
Woods Porn was the holy grail of youth
by dictionarydude May 17, 2004
A porno magazine that is tucked away in the woods for the next generation of horny teenagers to find. It is known that the members of metal bands Shadows Fall and From Autumn To Ashes are great supporters of this. It's also a fact that the internet is ruining woods porn.

Person 2: *gets naked*

Person 1: Yes, woods porn is the best!!!
by Yo mama!!!!! March 04, 2008
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