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A vagina carved from hardwood such as oak or cherry. Use of this object for sexual pleasure can cause serious pain from splinters and lack of yield of the object.
He had is wang clawed off by a woodpussy.
by Big John & Friends July 06, 2003
8 27
another word for a skunk
dude, it smells like woodpussy
by don't worry December 05, 2002
57 7
a punk band fron norman, oklahoma
hey, did you see woodpussy blow-up that oil derek in black rock?
by shellie woodpussy April 14, 2003
24 15
Skunklike smell in them thar woods.
Smells like WOODPUSSY to me!
by wonderwarthog August 12, 2010
2 4
A canoing enthusiast.
That guy is a serious woodpussy.
by benny October 02, 2003
6 15
A device useful for getting rid of door-to-door salesmen and religious advertisers.
Door rings. It's a JW.
"Let the woodpussy answer the door"
by Azzacanth October 02, 2003
5 17