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You'r in the woods. It stinks. You smell Wood. You smell Pussy. It must be "woodpussy"
"dude, what's that stink?"
"Smells like WOODPUSSY to me!"
by Big Daddy July 06, 2003
7 19
another word for a skunk
dude, it smells like woodpussy
by don't worry December 05, 2002
57 7
a punk band fron norman, oklahoma
hey, did you see woodpussy blow-up that oil derek in black rock?
by shellie woodpussy April 14, 2003
24 15
Skunklike smell in them thar woods.
Smells like WOODPUSSY to me!
by wonderwarthog August 12, 2010
2 4
A canoing enthusiast.
That guy is a serious woodpussy.
by benny October 02, 2003
6 15
A device useful for getting rid of door-to-door salesmen and religious advertisers.
Door rings. It's a JW.
"Let the woodpussy answer the door"
by Azzacanth October 02, 2003
5 17