an attempt as an insult for skateboarders by fruit booters, instead a accurate description of what a skateboarder is actually doing with his/her board - i.e. pushing wood

Lupe Fiasco said it best "kick, PUSH, kick, PUSH, coast..."
woodpusher : lets go push some wood
fellow skateboarder : way ahead of ya.
by self proclaimed woodpusher March 09, 2009
annoying wanna b skateboarders, usually around 11 to 13 having very distinct squeeky voices and townie like attitudes. these children infest an congest local skateparks making it impossible for people who actual try and take part in extreme sports to practise. given the name wood pushers because they only push their wood (skateboards) around.
by his ex-friend September 01, 2003
when you crap when having anal gay sex
Gay Guy:ahhh man you never told me you were a wood pusher

Other Gay Guy: sorry
by zach June 09, 2004
A Skateboarder
Guy: Wood Pushers Rock!
Guy: Shut up Poser >\
by Taco April 17, 2004
dumb skaters who dont have a life
oh look at that dumb asz skating & wtf is the point of flipping a piece of fucking wood around your feet! dumb wood pusher
by lokz April 25, 2010
A skateboarder who is an asshole enough to hate rollerbladers because he has nothing better to do beside smoke pot and suck dick.
Fuckin woodpush got in my face so i kicked his ass.
by chipmunk June 03, 2003
Any guy who willingly fucks another guy in the ass.
Jails are packed with woodpushers.
by rudiger burkins June 04, 2003
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