OUR (everyone that rolls) response to what the skater fags thought they could call us that would piss us off. Only we don't give a fuck about being called fruit booters, but it sure as hell is funny shit to see how pissed they get in their emo pants and fake Chuck Taylor's when they hear the term "wood pusher".

Someone that really needs to stop destroying the environment in order to solicit an already OVERLY commercial sport. They're not even underground anymore despite what their god Tony Hawk tries to sell them.

Someone that's jealous because they realize how hard it actually is to hit something that's waxed and make it look good. Wood pushers can't hit kink rails over two stairs high, and the only thing that remains "extreme" in their sport is trying to make the next Tony Hawk "Undergound" game.

Get used to it, you're all a bunch of wannabe sellouts that don't even understand what hardware is. At least in our sport we get along with each other no matter what social clique we fall into.
Bobbie - "You're a gay ass fruit booter!"
Tommy - "So? Stop destroying the environment you fucking wood pusher! At least we are recognized as having the only true remaining underground sport. Hah!"


Bobbie - "You're a gay ass fruit booter, skater fag!"
Tommy - "Correction, YOU'RE the skater fag, wood pusher! You're just jealous because our sport actually takes practice and talent to pull off, not to mention it's MUCH more impressive to the ladies!"
by DarkSoulOfTragedy February 23, 2006
Top Definition
a term used by rollerbladers to define skateboarders who are narrow minded enough to hate rollerbladers
Woodpushers suck ass
by fruit booter May 21, 2003
A weak chessplayer; connotes someone who moves pieces around without any plan. Often used in trash-talk. Syn: Patzer, Fish.
Frank's just a woodpusher; you could give him rook odds and still take him.
by BenF October 04, 2003
an insult used to get back at all the skateboarders for makin up fruitbooter. it insults all the followers that think to be cool they have to skateboard.
me: wow look at that gay poser wood pusher.
fellow rollerblader: ya to bad he will never be able to actually do something challenging like grind more than 3 inches of a rail
by roller January 04, 2005
term developed by aggressive in-liners to get back at skaters because they hate on everything and everyone
That fuckin' wood pusher thinks he's all bad because the only thing they can do is flip a piece of shit around with their feet.
by Anonymous September 25, 2003
the name forced by the name fruit booter
if u all got off tonys dick and saw that we all need to work together youd understand. why fight with someone who does almost the same thing. we dont destroy ledges. get over it
by fruitboot May 06, 2004
A chess term for one who only knows how the pieces move. They do not know any strategy behind these moves.

Relevance: Back in the day, chess pieces were made of wood. To be called a wood-pusher is an insult. It means you know only how the pieces move, and no strategy towards the game of chess at all.
Person 1: Dude, do you really want to play me at chess?

Person 2: Yeah I'm really good!

(Person 1 defeats Person 2 easily, without even having to think.)

Person 1: Man, despite all that yang talk, you're just another wood-pusher.
by ChessWizard June 11, 2010
Woodpusher or Wood Pusher, a nickname, originally the term was used at the transition time of wood boards from the mass-produced, plastic “banana” board, in the mid to late 80's. It was named for the foward kicking motion to propel the skateboard forward.

Origin time: Mid 80's. The term was first used in and around Richmond and Vancouver, BC Canada, about the same time that Kevin Harris opened the Indoor Richmond Skate Ranch with Tony Hawk. The Richmond Skate Ranch, was an indoor skateboard facility featuring multiple ramps and wooden park features, including the "mini Chin", a complex multi-ramp structure designed by Lance Mountain, located in Richmond, British Columbia Canada. The Ranch closed in 1993.
The skater or group of skaters would go by and a non-skater person would scream "Woodpusher" as they went skating by.

i.e. "WOODPUSHER!!!" Single or "WOODPUSHERS!!!" plural
by BCBud 1967 May 12, 2010
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