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the most immature way to refer to a penis
boys make weewees from their woodle
by 2 camels in a tiny car December 14, 2010
the act of woodling - to woodle something is to woodle it. CITRUS THE ORANGE LORD SAYS SO
"Woodle that orange tree please"
by Citrus the orange lord November 06, 2004
A woodle is a mix of the words Wood (and erection) and Noodle. It is used to describe an erection that is not completly hard.
Let's get out of here, i got a woodle and dont want to be pitching a tent.
by hustlerSF August 16, 2006
An exclamation of delight or amazement.
"I am making a German Chocolate Cake for dessert"
or "Today os going to be sunny and 70s!"

by Mumsie Dogma February 08, 2009
code word for sex used by Indians, like from India, not Native Americans
This word is a complete sentence itself. Nothing else is required, although it can be incorporated into a sentence. e.g. Last nights woodles was great, here is the money for your services.
by George Lucas??! December 16, 2004
Woodle can be used in substitute for just about any word, and is a common word among Trollers and Meme geeks. It is said that when Long cat and Ceiling cat created Earth, they merely said one word; Woodle. In Japan it is pronounced (oo-dor-OO), but the meaning is unknown. The word first appeared around the time of 894 B.C, and has been used ever since as a threat, a compliment, and a simple substitute for anything unnecessary.
Get those Woodles away from me; Tasty ramen Woodles;
Let there be Woodles; How many Woodles are in there?; You're a Woodler, you know that?; How the hell did a Woodle get in here?
by MischiefMoxie June 14, 2011
Another word for the female genitalia (the vagina).
I don't want some random doctor looking up my woodle!
by klumsyat4am April 17, 2006

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