1) The dude with no teeth, plaid shirt, and a '78 pickup that rich New Yorkers have the misfortune of occasionally encountering en route to their posh ski home in Vermont.

2) A native Vermonter
"Mummy, I don't think those wooders should be allowed near the ski mountain"
by Danny SS August 07, 2005
Top Definition
The philadelphian's pronounciation of the word water
Mom, can I have some wooder?
by Tobi D March 10, 2004
H20, water
get me some wooder
by ray December 21, 2003
(woo-der-s) adj. 1. not intelligent or clever, slow at understanding things. 2. in a state of stupor. 3. backward in mental development.woodersly adv. wooderity n.
"that monkey is acting woodersly"
by i am wooders March 30, 2004
sumthing u call someone when they act gumby or stupid.
"youre such a wooders!"
by vinny March 27, 2004
anything you want it to mean...
-You are being so woodery, you're a woder!
-Why are you such a wooder?

by sara coxyyyyy November 08, 2008
Someone who has a thick voice who is trying to sound like people who don't have a thick-sounding voice, but then again they can't help it so why bother trying?
*Listening in to my brother on the phone*...wooder, wooder, wooder
by James November 12, 2003
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