a girl who uses her teeth when giving a blowjob
Cut it out you fucking woodchuck!
by Menyae Shoemaker April 09, 2009
Common, ordinary ignorant American. Usually asked questions by TV reporters in front of grocery stores, woodchucks respond with pat answers given to them by Fox News. Woodchucks are overwhelmingly Republican and are a majority of the Tea Party.
TV reporter: what do you think about Global Warming?

Woodchuck: There is no such thing. That's all a hippie Democratic conspiracy!
by jackbenimble_52 August 11, 2012
volunteer fire fighter
did you see those woodchucks saved another basement yesterday?
by hateraider April 26, 2011
a nasty beaver variation that enjoys chucking as much wood as possible to the annoyance of the average wood farmer
Them damn woodchucks be chucking my wood again!

Woodchucks chuck an average distance of 15 feet.

Wood sales are down again; them effing woodchucks be messing with my woodpiles again.

Shirley get my gun. The woodchucks are back.
by Dr Nogood October 26, 2010
A girl who sucks a man's penis when it is hard and only when it is hard.
that girl gets around to all the guys in school, she is a major Wood Chuck.
by LunarWolf June 07, 2011
New Democrats who follow the teachings of their cult leader after the fashion of Tom Tomorrow's Chuckles the Sensible Woodchuck. Often self-considered martyrs or victims for their cause, they disrupt discussion, distort reality and excuse-ify to non-believers. Anyone who questions their dear leader is ostracized and swarmed. Often associated with discussions of elm trees, lumberjacks and envision themselves as beavers but are little more than wannabees. They can be found over much of North America but have overrun a discussion forum affectionately known as Woodchuck Underground.
Sensible woodchucks scream, shout and pout when anyone criticizes their man.
by cornholio2 August 22, 2010
A very hard and rather smelly stool that when one tries to crap it out it doesn't seem to move much. An individual may be sitting on the toilet for half an hour to an hour trying push this little shit plug out of his ass. It is as though a sizable piece of wood were lodged in and plugging the anus.
An individual asks his friend, "Why is that individual taking so long in the washroom"?
"Give him some time, he has a "woodchuck " up his ass"
"Oh I see"
by Chris Danielsen March 02, 2005

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