A crazy place where there are no street lights and tons and tons of antique shops really cool and has mad hott girls on hillside rd. P. S. I love hillside rd.
hillside rd in woodbury=hott italian girls
by JasperScrum April 24, 2006
Top Definition
Woodbury is located south of the twin citys in Minnesota. Woodbury is home to preps, hot chicks, jocks, and cake-eaters alike. They are very rich and snotty according to there neighboring rivals of cottage grove. Woodbury has good sports that are always better then cottage grove. White boys wear there hats to the side along with preppy holister shirts and ripped jeans. To some retards this city is known as hood-bury even though woodbury is not at all hood and contains very little minoritys.
Jack: "We are so much better than everyone cuz we can woop them at soccer and hockey!"

Brandon: "Yea man we rock, lets go shop in Abercrombie in woodbury lakes."

Jack: "Hellz ya!"

Cottage Grove Kid: "dude your playing woodbury tonight?!?!"

Other CG kid: "yea man"

CG kid: "yo gonna get beat"

Other CG kid: "dude I know, I sure hate those preppy holister wearing faggots."
by CA orie June 08, 2009
hard worker, skilled at all and any physical activities, intimadating at times, but the most careing and gernerous person around. Strives to be the best at everything and will not exept defeat, only a temporary lose tell he owns you. Looked at as PERFECT, he is the master of perfection and know one is within a hundred levels of his skill. A very cute, sexy, and handsome man always meeting new people
Im so Woodbury i can pick up any girl; Im going to woodbury this move then school you at your own game; That paper was woodbury; You are so woodbury at every sport.
by friend777 February 04, 2010
A small, suburban town near Philly. Houses range from fairly upscale to small and cheap. There's nothing to do in Woodbury, so the children and teenagers usually spend their time walking around or riding their bikes, hoping to run into other people they know. The parties are bad, usually located in someone's small, crappy garage with cheap beer and everyone plays pong all night. To be invited to one, you must occasionally kiss ass to some loser who is the only one with an open house. The cops are always looking for kids to catch, and everybody smokes weed for the first time by junior year.

The high school is pretty small, and everybody knows each other, which tends to create a large amount of gossip and rumors. The girls think they are "all that" and the boys just want to bone. Random hookups are prone to Woodbury and they are all anyone talks about after a party weekend. The boys are not exceptionally good looking and there are a few pretty girls here and there but mostly everyone is trashy.

The girls dress in Hollister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie. The boys wear oversized t-shirts and pants down to their knees, but there are several boys who dress very well and have fresh outfits.

Sports at Woodbury are mediocre. Football used to be good, then bad, and now it has turned very good again, but next year, it will be bad again. All of the other sports pretty much suck except for a few good seasons here and there. Oh, and their track team is pretty killer.

Basically everyone in Woodbury is just trying to have a good time, listen to some rap, and talking their way out of a rumor spread about them. And maybe go to sports practice-sometimes.
a boring town in jersey woodbury
by current woodbury resident August 27, 2008
The vast area between Philadelphia, Atlantic City and Delaware
"We've been driving thru Woodbury for what seems like hours" Said Mike.
by Leigh Doms mon February 27, 2008
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