Useless bastard (Aus)
Jono: He's a wood duck!
Daveo: What's a wood duck?
Jono: Not a real duck!
by Jimbo February 23, 2004
Top Definition
70's term adapted from used cars,Easy target for sale of used car, sale of uesd car to customer with no idea, customer with little knowledge,
"Get a load of this wood duck"!
"This woody has no idea"
"I slammed a wood duck into this deal"
by Cassar November 16, 2006
A person who will never amount to anything/never do anything that has a purpose.
Imagine a wooden duck . . . What do they do? Nothing! What will they be when they grow up? Nothing!

Rosey is a "woodduck"!
by Rick October 24, 2003
1. A fart
2. A creature that is often heard but is never seen
3. The sound made from a persons rectum after eating four or more plates of all-you-can-eat-ribs
Carly: " WHAT WAS THAT!!!, Travis did you fart?"
Travis: "Nope, there must be a wood duck under the table"
by Chris RezNet November 15, 2006
Pretender (Aus)
Particularly used to describe twats who drive a cheap crumby car put a noisy exhaust in it, obnoxiously loud sound system, lower it so that it no longer has suspension travel, more than likely a stupid looking rear spoiler/ wing to improve its aerodynamic grip at high speeds that it'll never achieve and put a big brand sticker on the back window. The driver will most likely be wearing a hat on backwards have one hand hanging out the door making possible gangster hand gesture all while thinking he is the shit.
Note: the vehicle is innocent in fact it's a victim. Don't hate what the car has become but hate the offender.
Jimmy: hey bill look at this wood duck?

Bill: Jimmy! that's a fully sick Astra!

Jimmy: No bill, that's a shitbox driven by a wood duck
by Darth Kermit November 30, 2013
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