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A Southern slang term for the penis.
John has a big woober.
#cock #wang #dick #rod #willy
by geinman September 08, 2013
The offspring of inbreeding. See the movie "deliverance"
Go way into the woods and look for people who live in shacks, those people are "Woobers".
#redneck #whitetrash #killer #incest #mommy
by knarfy May 05, 2007
A word that should be used for population control. If someone makes cute names for their boyfriend they should be given herpes, via e-mail.
1. Oh god, she said it... 'woober' I think I'm going to vomit up my partially digested food.
2. "my boyfriend is suuuch a 'woober'" *giggle giggle snort* "that's fucking it, here you go:" gherpes.exe
by Jeff October 26, 2004
a cute nickname for your girlfriend dedicated to brandi smith from sam helton
i bought you this necklace for your birthday, my little woober.
by sam helton May 13, 2004
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