sound we like to make before we kick someone's ass in a race.
haha, north eugene sucks, woo woo!
by hotpinkmama January 22, 2004
the sound drunk college girls in america make when they want to cheer on the situation. like woohoo
you look good "woo woo.".
I got a new dress "woo woo."
by kevin Rhinehart December 26, 2003
Sound made by Rake Yohn.
I hate mustard. Woo Woo!
by Elgeoharris November 18, 2003
a failure, or something bad that will happen.
You set me up for da woo woo
by hovazchild July 12, 2005
The sudden and instantaneous urge to make bowel movements (take a crap, squeeze one out, etc.) Normally caused by the ingestion of coffee.
This quad frap is giving me the woo woos.
by The Chia Pet Farmer August 06, 2004
The soun' Sandip make when he answer da tellyfone.
"Woo woo!" "Um, hello?" "Who dis be?" "Hello? Sandip?"
by Eridip September 21, 2003
A word used to sound cute and means willy or penis.
made up by tahlia see koolio or kieran
tahlia:your woowoo is up in my face
by tahlia December 02, 2004

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